Selected chapters from the Flashback RPG core book available for preview

Background - Money & Power

My father worked as a day labourer in Steamport. He worked day and night for less than 2 silver: loading and unloading guild ships from Criar or hauling coal down to the Langdale Ironworks. Bent his back so bad that he couldn’t even look up to see how the sky glowed during a Starfall. Hardest working man I ever met in my life… and maybe also the poorest.

Background - Steam & Stars

The horizon was on fire. Far away on the other side of the Atwater Estate, clearly illuminated by the otherworldly red glow of the heavens, stars were falling.

Basic Rules - Skill Conflicts

Difficulty indicates how hard it is to make progress on a task. Effort is how much work is required to complete a task. Consider climbing a mountain - the steepness of the slope is represented by the Difficulty; the height of the mountain is represented by the Effort.