Chapter 3

Background - Darkness & Light

Darkness & Light

We are but specks of light, adrift in a sea of darkness.

When a seed is planted, when an egg hatches, when a child is born… each burns brightly with the light of the universe, full of hope and promise.

Yet around us, the night always beckons. We eat and breathe to keep our inner fires burning, and when are sick or injured our light bleeds out from us like liquid iron from the forge. We cannot escape it: as we age, our light fades away into the darkness until we return to the void - the endless, infinite eternity.

But the void is far from empty. There are forces… temptations… creatures… that live there in the darkness, just out of sight. Just out of reach.

You have all felt that chill that runs down your spine, that shiver on the back of your neck, that sudden feeling of dread that makes you stop dead in your tracks. When our minds fill with dark thoughts, when we dream in distress, when feelings of rage and despair overwhelm our will - we are being stalked by hidden terrors that feast on our fear and insecurity.

We who are faithful to the Way of the Light have the gift to sense the shape of the void, and the dangers that surround us. If you trust in the power of the light and we who keep it, you will be protected from the horrors of the void.

Without the gift, these dark hunters cannot be seen - but with vigilance their effects can be observed. They lurk in the shadows, causing blight and disease, feeding off the light that resides in all living things. The more they feed, the stronger they grow - creeping into our thoughts and infecting the minds of men with doubt, fear and insanity. Those who stray too far from the light, man or beast, eventually lose their minds to the void and become unwitting puppets of the darkness.

In these changing times, we must cling to the light more than ever! We build cities of hard stone, machines of cold iron and ships of lifeless wood that cannot shield us from the growing shadow. Yet ever more of our brothers and sisters turn their backs on the Way, instead choosing to put their faith in Technology, Alchemy or Science! They are skeptical of our teachings - they think that seeing is the only path to believing! Well, my students, they will see soon enough. Without a shepherd to guard the flock, the dark predators fearlessly leave the shadows to feast on our bodies as well as our minds! Nightmare creatures roam freely in the sporelands, the howling wastes and beyond the frontier where people turn their backs on the Way of the Light.

So put your faith in your feelings, your instincts, and the church. Stay true to the Way and report those who shun the teachings of the Light - for they are conduits of the darkness threatens to consume our very lives!